Wonderous Stories Catalogue & International Video Productions 2012

The Wonderous Stories Catalogue 2012 is finally out, printed & online! At the moment, it is distributed around Europe in 8 countries. We received a lot of emails and messages as a positive response to this publication and we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to go through it and maybe have a look and an understanding … Continue reading

Spread 2

We are ready to be printed!

We have been working on the catalog lately and now we are almost done. A few changes here and there. It was a slow process, because of all the good material we had. Selecting what goes in and what stays out was a demanding job, but we think we managed to put the readers in … Continue reading


This is an apple. Is it?

(Small absurd play, one confirmed dissociative identity disorder character – some might call it internal dialogue – , somewhere in Wonderland, graphically re-presented in the series of comics below for those who don’t get the absurdity of the text) Is this some kind of a joke? No, it isn’t; ComixPhobia starts with drawing the shape … Continue reading


Previewing Amsterdam _part I

After a-well-deserved-maybe-a-bit-too-long break, here are some previews from our Amsterdam performance. We had an almost full theater, chaos, e-motios, improvisations,people leaving the theater, confrontations with the audience (we never really went for crowd pleasing), rebellious moments, xenophobia, fun, amazement, colors and and a two days closing. Uh… Our participants are safe back home  for a month already, getting ready for … Continue reading


Amsterdam, get ready!

Sunny morning, two hours bus drive and lots of excitement! We are in Amsterdam at Plein Theatre, getting ready for tonight’s performance starting from 19:30. Backstage pictures to come soon!


_research part II_

Here’s a quick selection of the individual presentation performances people did in one of the evenings. We had the workshop days and now we are into the production days. More to come soon!

Vaiva 3

_research part 1_

As we finished the first part of the project, which was the research part, we say it’s time to share! As sharing is caring! Enjoy! And stay tuned, more to come from what was created during the research days. Performance, visual concept, art work by Vaiva Kovieraite (Lithuania) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Poster mix

24 Hours Poster Competition

Dear People,  We have designed 3 posters in order to promote the live performance in Amsterdam, which will take place on the 22nd of February @ Plein Theater. Go to out Facebook page and give a LIKE to the one you think we should choose. The winning poster will be sent to all of you … Continue reading

hads and feelinds 3

Colours and e-motions

… from xenophobia to amazement … It seems that in our everyday life we encounter situations, people, objects, events, places that create emotions in us. That sort of energy in motion /e-motion/ that colours our state of the moment. And these emotions come and go, and they change with time, they fade or they get stronger, they turn into feelings, they influence the way we behave, act and re-act. Strangely, people have only a few words to describe … Continue reading

wonderous stories

Let the story begin!

 We at Wonderous Stories are happy to announce the start of our performance arts and media project and share the good vibes with you! Our story began last year, in a late summer night, when we decided to take a new challenge and join forces to create opportunities for others to trespass built-in perceptions and bring a better understanding … Continue reading


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